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MAG maintains a comprehensive database of all employers within the MAG region.   Updated annually, the database includes all employer locations that have five or more employees.  Each employer record in the database includes the business name, address, number of employees, and the 6-digit North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code.  The database is made available to MAG member agencies for use in planning and analysis applications.  (Note: due to licensing agreements this dataset is not available online for download.  Please contact our office for the requirements for accessing the data).

New!  Released in January 2014, the 2012 Maricopa County Employment Cluster Analysis provides an overview analysis on industry clusters within the MAG region, depicting trends and spatial distribution of industries across the region.

A few highlights of the 2012 Employer database:

  • There are 35,100 records of employers with 5 or more employees at one location
  • Total 2012 Employment was 1,451,500
  • The average employer size was 41 employees

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Employment related documents that are available for download are listed below.

1. Click on the desired folder to access the data. Files are either in PDF or spreadsheet format, as indicated in the document extension. Shapefiles are in a zipped folder. 

2. Highlight the file's row in order to access the following options, located in the upper right of the Document Library:

Download the file either by clicking on the name of the document or the download icon download.
Link to the file by clicking the link icon link and copying the file URL.

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