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Live - Work Patterns and Job Centers

The following maps analyze live-work patterns for jurisdictions and job centers within Maricopa County. The data used for these maps comes from an annual survey conducted as part of the Maricopa County Trip Reduction Program (TRP). The TRP surveys employers in Maricopa County with fifty or more employees on questions related to traveling for work. The goal of the program is to reduce air pollution in the region by reducing regular trips for work.

The TRP surveys approximately 500,000 employees annually (which is approximately a third of the total workforce in the County), and the data gathered is analyzed by MAG to provide a wealth of information. The survey asks employers for their total number of jobs at each location, and requires workers to provide their home location, regular working hours, mode of travel to work, as well as occupational categories. This data is analyzed by MAG to evaluate demographics by occupation, and to develop maps for commute patterns, catchment areas (80% workforce), average distance traveled, employment concentrations, occupational mix for residents or employees of any geography, and where people work and where they live by any geography.

This section contains standardized maps based on MAG jurisdictions and job centers.

Job centers are MAG member-agency defined economic areas of regional importance. A job center boundary is typically at least 10 acres in size and each center should have at least 500 jobs within it. The 2014 Job Centers Regional Database is comprised of 135 job centers throughout the MAG region. Click for Job centers map.